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chris-chongMy name is Chris Chong and I help entrepreneurs grow revenue fast.

On this site, you’ll find examples of my sales and marketing consulting work.

I also publish free sales, marketing, and business strategy training webinars.

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Chris Chong
Digital Marketer / Growth Hacker / Chief Revenue Officer

Recent Success Stories

  • Grew e-learning company from $2M to $10M in under 3 years
  • Earned $100,000+ affiliate commissions from 3┬áblog posts I wrote
  • 100 new customers from Facebook for SaaS company in 6 months
  • Rewrote sales proposals… client got $50K contract the next week
  • $3M New Bookings for travel company using Google Advertising
  • 5,000+ leads generated through Facebook Advertising

What my clients are saying…


Todd Silverstein, Cofounder & CEO at Vizify

Ken Levy, Co-Founder at 4-Tell

Lisa Marie Genovese, President at Bottom Line Marketing

Brad Barton, Chief Operating Officer at MetroPresort

Angela Jackson, Managing Director Portland Seed Fund

Jeri Alcock Founder of DonorDynamics

Daniel Reeves, Co-founder at Beeminder.com