My Story

My Story


I started in sales at age 4. I sold Halloween candy in November.

I moved up to crossword puzzles in 2nd grade.

You could buy a five book sampler pack for $1 at the grocery store.

At school, I sold them for a $1 each.

After a few weeks, $1 turned into $100. I was the richest kid in 2nd grade.

In high school, I made CDs for bands in my bedroom.

When you’re in high school and in a band, it’s cool to record a CD and sell it to your friends.

I figured out a way to do the design work and get everything packaged professionally.

The CDs cost $2 to make and I sold them for $5. The band sold them for $10.

It was awesome… and I could assemble around 15 units per hour.

So there I was, making $45 per hour in high school in 1999.

After high school, I started a web design company with some friends.

We made over 100 simple websites for local businesses.

The customers loved their new websites and we made decent money.

One day a customer said, “Now that we have this awesome new website… how do we get in front of people online and get more sales?”

That question changed my life… how do we get in front of people online and get more sales?

It started my professional journey.

At the time Google had just launched AdWords, which is how you buy your way to the top of the search results.

Said another way, AdWords puts your website in front of buyers, for the keywords that matter, for a small price.

I became a certified consultant and started managing search engine marketing campaigns.

All of my clients were entrepreneurs and business owners.

I loved it. I learned their secrets. I studied their philosophy.

And I helped several entrepreneurs launch really cool products and service.

It was fun and profitable, but not scalable. The service was 100% customized and each customer required my personal attention.

One of the other services we did was SEO, which has to do with getting your website to show up in Google.

I found a little trick to make Google prefer one website over another and created a mostly automated way to do it.

I created a 3 system to sell it:

Step 1: Advertise it in the right place
Step 2: Get online sales
Step 3: Close inbound leads

80% of the sales came through the website.
20% of the sales required a 15-minute phone call.

The product became a six-figure per year business in nine months.