Website Redesign for Transmission Repair Company

Website Redesign for Transmission Repair Company

Precision Transmission Company is a network of transmission repair shops with locations spanning from San Diego California to Seattle Washington.

Challenges: When shopping for a transmission repair shop, prospects are going to be searching for a vendor who can provide a high quality service at an affordable price.  We needed to convey both trust and expertise.  Prospects are also likely to be comparing price quotes, so it is critical that the site establishes Precision Transmission as a top candidate.

Results: The team at eHotLeads created a simple, yet elegant design that gets right to the point.  You might notice that the site feels like a lawyer or dentist site.  This is intentional to reinforce the message that Precision Transmission is a trustworthy repair shop.  Note that the homepage is highly focused on customer benefits and encourages prospects inquire.

The new site allows customers to find a nearby location within four clicks.  Prospects can get to the online quote request form within one click from any page.  This clear call to action and easy to use navigation generates a large volume of high quality sales leads.

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