Landing Page Design for ERP Software Company

Landing Page Design for ERP Software Company

Virtual Systems is a software company that produces a management system for businesses that create, manage and implement cross-media campaigns (advertising which uses direct mail, email marketing, web-sites and more simultaneously).

Challenges: The product is a highly complex piece of software. We needed to step prospects into the sales cycle and not overwhelm them with technical details. In addition the software is created for enterprise level companies – it’s not designed for mom & pop operations. The ad campaign would need to be highly targeted to avoid leads who can not afford the software or do not process enough volume to justify the software expense.

Results: We created a landing page that focuses on the benefits that this software product will deliver. We did this by gathering testimonials from existing customers.

We also researched each customer in order to find similarities. Our research provided the insight needed to target prospects. We uncovered the real reason existing customers purchased the software and wrote a compelling sales letter in order to generate high quality leads.

It has been a real pleasure working with eHotLeads. Chris Chong put a tremendous amount of research into making sure our campaign would be set up for success. They took the time to understand our business, develop the right keywords, and identify our target audience. We are currently getting a 10x ROI with eHotLeads!

Chris Huber, President
Virtual Systems Corp