How to Set & Achieve a Goal

I created this webinar to sell Bob Proctor’s 6 Minutes to Success video training program. The webinar was promoted on YouTube to people searching for goal setting tips.

The concept was to create a piece of “how to” content with an embedded sales pitch… Would people watch it? How much would it cost to get views?

What percentage of viewers would signup for a trial offer?

I launched a mini-campaign to find out.

YouTube Ads are incredibly affordable and just as targeted as Google Ads.

You can buy your way to the top of the search results in YouTube for specific keywords… so I did.

I was able to get in front of my target audience for around 9 cents per view.

My problem was I made the video too long… 50% of the people left after 8 minutes.

INSIGHT: YouTube video ads need to be entertaining, interesting, and short!

WEIRD INSIGHT: A high percentage of the goal setting market is weight loss focused.

Webinar Overview

In this webinar, I teach how to set a goal and then offer a daily goal setting / self-improvement program.

Principles from Bob Proctor’s motivational training program are incorporated into the “4 Step Process” that I teach.

At the end of the webinar, I share my experience using 6 Minutes to Success and pitch the offer.

The offer is a $1 two-week trial that converts to a $97/month subscription program.

On this webinar replay you will learn how to set a goal and achieve success fast.

  • How to set a goal in under 60 seconds
  • Why most goal setting fails and how to ensure success
  • 3 Goal Setting “Expert Secrets” you can use to get results fast

Plus, get a discount code for Bob Proctor’s “6 Minutes to Success” Training Program!

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